Monday, January 9, 2012

Farm Table Redo!!!!

This is my most exciting project yet!! Maybe it is because I have dreamed about having my very own farm table for SO long or maybe it is because of the unbelieveably cheap price tag...either way- I LOVE IT!!!

So my husband and I had "date night" with some friends after Christmas. We were walking in the village of the town we live in after leaving a very cute little Irish Pub and we passed a window where we saw this table and chair set. Not exactly what I wanted but I had a vision (and so did my hubby) and so the nextday we checked it out. The price was right so we brought it home that day and my husband began to work on it.

He really put himself into this project...and there was a lot of sanding...I mean A LOT! I hate sanding (which he knows) so I was very happy that he took the time to do it. He sanded down the table top and bench seat top to make sure all of the varnish was off. This is important because when staining it darker, if there are spots of varnish still on it, it will not stain those spots. He removed the legs which he sprayed with a black satin finish spray paint. He did 2 coats and did the bottom sides of the table and bench as well.

For the chairs, he sanded the seats really well and scuffed the legs and backs. We used painter's tape to tape off the seat and sprayed the tops and legs of the chairs with the black spray. After it dried we removed the tape and newspaper from the seat and stained it the same color as the table and bench top.

Now for the varnish...he varnished the top of the table with 4 coats to make sure that you could eat and drink on it without leaving water marks. He varnished the chairs and bench seat with one coat each.
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