Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project #2 - Spring Wreath

My new favorite site...Pinterest! (yes, I realize that it is not new, but I am apparently very slow in finding it!). I have found so many wonderful and inspiring projects by so many talented and creative people! Here is a Pinterest inspired idea that I created.

First I chose my fabric. I chose burlap because I love the natural, rustic look of it and I love the way it looks when you add colorful elements to it. I paid $2 a yard for this after finding it in the clearance section of my local craft store. I cut it into 4" wide strips.

Next, I purchased this styrofoam wreath. I used my 1/2 off coupon and paid $2.95 for it.  I pinned the strips to the back of the wreath and wrapped each strip around it pinning to the back again so that you cannot see the pin from the front. 
I cut blue felt into circles to make the flower. I cut them all the same size. To make the flower, pinch the bottom of the circles so they form a cone at the bottom. I used small ins to pin them into the wreath one at a time next to each other until there were enough to look "full".
I added a blue ribbon to the top to hang it with and now I have a lovely, spring wreath for my window!

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