Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun, Simple Lady Bug Cupcakes


Again, regular cake mix and store bought frosting (I am crafty but don't have all the time in the world!) I used several food colorings (neon colors) from the grocery store to make the different colors. For the lady bug wings, I cut up pieces of black, shoelace licorice. The head is black frosting in a tube, which is firmer and easier to shape than regular frosting and I used a cake decorator tip on the end of the tube to shape it. The dots are different colored sprinkles (wafer type) and the eyes are sugar dots that I purchased at our local Hobby Lobby.
My favorite are the green grass ones - again, very simple. Green frosting from a tube with a special decorator tip that is very small holes. The small lady bug on the grass is a gummy circle with a black frosting head. I added several other cupcakes in there just to add some color.
My daughter's face was worth the trouble!!

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