My projects

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Earring Rack
Frame: $1.99 at Goodwill
Paint - free (I always have paint)
Wire - $1.50
Total Cost: around: $3.50

Made from an old picture frame - sprayed white. Purchased wire grate from Lowe's, cut to size, stapled on with staple gun, hung on the wall and presto!! A great earring rack that keeps my jewelry organized and accessible.

 Side Of The Road Find!

When I drive, I am a total rubber necker when it comes to piles on the side of the road. I am not talking about, that would be weird. I am talking about piles of stuff that people are sick and tired of so the put it by the roadside for someone else to pick-up (at least that is how I ration it). I like to think of it that I am rescuing something and giving it new life.
So when I drove by this mirror - it definitely caught my eye and I just had to stop the car.However, it did not look like this at all. It was very gaudy and gold with a lot of dust and dirt in between. I took it home, cleaned it up, sprayed it white and now it adorns the wall in my teeny, tiny little powder room and I absolutely love the way it looks!   

I have always loved old bottles, especially ones that have a blue tint to them. So when I slowly collected them over the years from garage sales, estate sales and even bottles of wine that we drank, I needed a place to display them.

Old windows are the perfect place to display a colorful collection. For this project, the window was a side of the road find from an old house being remodeled. My hubby added a piece of wood to the bottom, I added some white paint and now this lovely and cheery piece brightens up my hallway. In the warmer months I add  stemmed flowers to some                                                                                            of the bottles to give it even more color!