Kid's Projects

 My 7 yr old's room
Total cost: under $5

I have a secret to confess...I let my daughter look through the pottery barn catalog and tell me what she likes. Then, I do my magic to get it to look as close to what she wants as possible. The end result in this case...a beautiful, fun, bright room with tons of color and whimsy!
For a little more whimsy, I bought an unfinished bird house for $1 from a local craft store. I painted it with similar flowers to the ones on the wall and used a screw gun to secure it.

My 4 year old's room...
Total Cost: $5

Again, thank you Pottery Barn catalog and thank you cheap acrylic paint from Joanne Fabrics!!
We have a big, old art projector from a school (remember those?). It can take any image, shine it on the wall at any size and my painting skills go from being like Jackson Pollack to
Vincent Van Gogh. These trees were a lot different and not the same color but the outline was pretty much the same.

 For these pictures, I took very simple pictures of my girls - my 7 yr old (then 2 1/2) was already dressed up in her fairy, dress-up clothes and my 4 yr old was a newborn. I snapped these priceless pics, turned them black and white, put them in frames and stapled a ribbon to the back. I found the pewter dragon fly  knobs at a craft store on clearance for $1.50 a piece!