What you need:
- Wide mouthed jars - I got these at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off. They were $2 each!
- Raffia or ribbon in different colors
- Hot Cocoa Mix - I bought a large container from a local warehouse store and it filled 3 jars for me.
- Marshmallows - I used large but you can also use the small ones.

Wash and fully dry the jars. Add whatever decals or ribbon you want - I used Martha Stewart stick on decals for the bottom or you can skip this part. Add the cocoa about 3/4 full. Add marshmallows being careful not to disturb the cocoa. Tighten the lid and add the raffia. I used a dot of hot glue to keep the bow in place. I added a tag with their names and a cute message about how to make the cocoa. A cute addition would be a colored scoop or spoon!