Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Greatest Antique Sale Ever!!

My mom is just like me when it comes to creating things and having a vision, looking past rust and chipped paint and having the ability to see a beautiful, one of a kind treasure. So this year we decided to do something we have been talking about for years. We were going to attend the Country Living Festival in Columbus, Ohio.
But...then we found the Madison-Bouckville Antique Festival - 2 hrs away and O...M...G!!!
We went yesterday and I am so glad we did!! It was incredible, amazing... a world of endless treasures waiting for us to find. It was like American Picker's heaven. We spent all day searching through antiques, pieces of furniture, garden chotckes, jewelry - vintage and new. There were food stands, frozen cappucinos, homemade pastries, kettle corn, ice cream.
Some of the antiques were pretty pricey but we were able to bargain and find some really great items.

Here are a few pics:

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