Friday, August 19, 2011

Dresser Re-do

Purchase Price: $2.50
Amount to strip, sand, paint: $20
Cost of knobs: $15
Total project: $37

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I found this treasure in the basement of an estate sale. As you can see, the price tag says $5, yes that's right....$5. And it just so happened to be my lucky day that everything was half off so I paid only $2.50 for this. After it sat in my garage for about a month or so, I decided to tackle it.
A lot of Stripeaase, sandpaper and the help of my hubby and his belt sander (thank you honey) and a little white washing and the end result is now one of my favorite pieces in my house!!! The knobs were the finishing touch it needed too. I put this piece in my dining room - it is small enough that it doesn't necessarily look like a dresser for a       bedroom and now it is a great place to store my kids' games and crafts!!


LOVE these knobs!!

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  1. This is beautiful and so whimsical! Looking forward to seeing more of your talent!